Energy Zone

By Freshens

Although small in size, “Energy Zone” by Freshens’ has an array of smoothies, frozen yogurt, and other healthy snacks with big flavors that have grown to become very popular amongst Elon University students. Located in the Mosely Center in Elon, North Carolina, Freshens’ Energy Zone offers 18 different smoothie flavors. Its smoothies are categorized into three different groups: Blending Fruit, Low Calorie (No sugar added), and High Protein. These categories allow students to select an option that is most suitable for their specific lifestyle or dietary needs. A student may have a strict diet with a limit on calorie/sugar intake, a need for protein to build and support muscle, or simply a craving for a specific refreshing flavor. To further support a students lifestyle or dietary needs, Energy Zone also provides additional boosters for their smoothies including the engineered nutrition products: MET-Rx Protein, Xtreme Lean, Mega Energy, Focus, and Green Tea.  MET-Rx Protein supplies 15% of the daily recommended value of protein. Xtreme Lean contains caffeine, enhances energy levels, and supports metabolic processes. Mega Energy contains caffeine, B-vitamins, and Niacin, which help the body convert food to fuel. Focus contains caffeine, Taurine, and Carnitine which are proven to improve mental alertness. Green Tea incorporates 50% active polyphenols to provide antioxidant benefits

            In addition to smoothies, Freshens also offers two different frozen yogurt options with nine options for toppings (four of the options are fruit and the other five are sweet splurges), four different types of milkshakes, and a vast assortment of Odwalla Nutrition Bars. This wide variety of delicious options makes Energy Zone the ideal stop for a quick meal or treat.

Due to its growing popularity, Energy Zone has just recently begun to offer Meal Swipe options for students on Elon University’s plus seven or plus fourteen meal plan. These offerings include:

  •     21 ounce Smoothie
  •     Small cup of yogurt with up to 3 toppings
  •    Regular Micro Blast
  •    Milk Shake

“Why is Energy Zone my favorite spot to grab a bite on campus?” asks first year student Sabrina Kort, “It’s because it allows me to quickly grab something that is delicious as well as nutritious…Energy Zone is what keeps me from gaining the notorious Freshman 15, I swear”. Sabrina is not alone in her belief that Freshens helps her maintain a healthy lifestyle while away at college. Four out of five students agree that with all of the unhealthy foods that they are tempted with during their time at school, they are glad that Freshens is available to provide a healthier option.

 Although Freshens’ Energy Zone seems as if it was established specifically with the Elon University student in mind, it is actually part of a much larger chain that is scattered across much of the United States. As a company, Freshens makes a promise to its customers that its products will contain neither high fructose corn syrup nor trans fats. As the first company in the smoothie industry to use Truvia, an all natural, zero calorie sweetener in its products, Freshens has been able to attest to the fact that it truly does keep its consumers health in mind when developing all of its products.

 Freshens Energy Zone has been praised on the Elon University Campus and has been successful from a business perspective. However, with a new dining hall opening on the university’s campus after winter term, Freshens Energy Zone will be closing in the Mosely Center. 


Photo taken by author Reed Haeckel in the Mosely Center on October 24,2012 


Photo of Energy Zone logo taken by author Reed Haeckel in the Mosely Center on October 24,2012 



Sabrina Kort, Freshman at Elon University (interview)