Greek Life at Elon University 

Thinking of going Greek? Elon University is the place for you! There are currently 23 international fraternities and sororities at Elon University, all with different values that will fit interested students' personalities. All the Greek organizations support community service, brother and sisterhood, and leadership both on and off the campus.  The Elon University Greek community consists of three different councils: The Interfraternity Council, The PanHellenic Council, and The National PanHellenic Council. 

At Elon University, all fraternities and sororities are required to sign an anti-hazing contract. Hazing is defined by the definition, “to annoy any student by playing abusive or ridiculous tricks upon him; to frighten, scold, beat or harass him, or to subject him to personal indignity." Greek life around the U.S. forbids hazing, which includes Elon University. ​ Every new pledge is required to obtain and sign a new member bill of rights in order to continue his or her time in Greek life. This bill of rights ensures the safety for the pledge and all the pledges in general. Some of the fraternities and sororities operate a chapter house on Elon's campus, which are owned and operated by the University through Greek Life in conjunction with Residence Life.

Before rushing at Elon University, one must obtain a minimum GPA of 2.5 for men and 2.7 for women. Overall, about 35% of Elon students go Greek. The sprirt through Greek life is tremendous at Elon University. I conversed with a senior, Hayley Robb, who is in a sorority at Elon University. I first asked why she chose to join a sorority, and she replied by saying, "I'd say the main part of choosing to go Greek was getting to know more people at Elon because Greek life is its own community and getting involved with the philanthropy, as well as holding positions is really important to me." She also added what she liked most about her sorority, "My favorite thing is probably the social aspect of it. You get to meet so many different people that you may not have met. Also, the support from other greek members when we have philanthropy events and other fundraisers are positive aspects to Elon's Greek community." Even though only about a third of Elon participates in Greek life, there isn’t a day that will go by when you will not see a student sporting his or her letters around campus. 



A sorority in Moseley Center - taken by Tatum PedersonThe "wall" of sororities in mail center - taken by Tatum PedersonTri Sigma "prevent hazing" bake sale - taken by Tatum Pederson


Hayley Robb- Current Senior at Elon University, affiliated in a sorority