When Interstate 40 and Interstate 85 come together past Durham, the signs promoting J-R begin. J-R is  a unique store that is also an Alamance County icon.  J-R operates eight locations, yet the Alamance County location, on Eric Lane in Burlington, is among the largest. J-R began as a cigar shop in Manhattan and has expanded into a major retail facility that sells a  variety of items. While cigars and tobacco products still make up the core of J-R’s sales business, there are a wide variety of other items which J-R sells at its Alamance County location.

 J-R's "MUCHO CHEAPO" sign. Credit: MattKrause

J-R offers western apparel, beach items, NASCAR memorabilia, perfumes, jewelry, discount clothing, and much more, according to the barrage of billboards which drivers on I-40/85 see.  J-R stresses their cheap prices to lure drivers into their store who are  traveling on the stretch of interstate. Billboards read “Your brand for less!” and even “MUCHO CHEAPO”, just after exit 144 heading west/south on I-40/85.


J-R is located near the Burlington Coat Factory (which, contrary to popular belief, is from Burlington, NJ) off of exit 143 on I-40/85.


There are two other J-R locations in North Carolina, in Selma and Statesville. Similar billboards line the approach to those stores as well. Needless to say, J-R is an Alamance County attraction solely because of its advertising campaigns and low prices.