Address: 502 W Elm Street Graham, NC 27253

Phone Number: (336) 227- 2773

Schedule: 9am-9pm Monday- Sunday

Date Established: 2005

Payments Accepted: Visa, Master Card, Cash

Wheelchair Accessibility: Very wide spacious aisles and ramps leading up to the entrance of the building making La Plaza Latina wheelchair accessible.

La Plaza Latina is an adorable little Mexican family owned and operated market located in the heart of Graham, North Carolina. The small market is a small red brick building located in a quaint town surrounded by a local Graham neighborhood and other small businesses.

Although the exterior does not have any flashy signs or outgoing, the ingredients you will find on the interior of this store definitely pack a punch you will not find at your local Harris Teeter or Food Lion. The aisles are neatly ordered and stacked with spices, peppers and produce made with the finest ingredients that the Mexican culture utilizes. The aisles are littered with a plethora of different authentic brands that I have never heard of, but seem to boast of high quality. I did notice that there is an entire aisle dedicated to the Goya brand, which makes many different canned vegetables and seems to be quite popular.

In the main section of the store, you will find all of the aisles I mentioned above but also a fresh meat deli and, more importantly, a small prepared food section. You cajhhlhlhlhiyn order tamales and other various Mexican delicacies that are prepared right in front of you and are always made with the freshest of ingredients.

In conjunction to the main portion of the store, there is a small bakery which was filled with rich scents of delicious cookies, cakes and churros. This bakery portion was actually quite large and had cases upon cases of freshly baked desserts, which were also very reasonably priced. In this section you could also find a variety of children’s piñatas and wSpanish music.






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