Local Yogurt

          Local Yogurt is a locally owned and operated yogurt shop located in Elon, North Carolina as well as Durham, Greenville, and Duke.  Since its conception in March of 2011, the motto of the shop is to have a sweet yet healthy treat, conveniently designed by your cravings and taste buds.  Customers are able to chose a flavor or frozen yogurt and add as many toppings as they see necessary to create a delicious indulgence.  Every time you enter the shop, the toppings are the same, from local area farms and vendors, but the flavors of yogurt change every few days.  Every week the flavors of yogurt vary but always follow the same outline of tastes.  There is constantly an original flavor, a plain tart flavor, and a non-dairy sorbet.  This week the flavors consist of: original, ginger lemon, cha cha chocolate, sweet coconut and island banana.  After choosing the flavor of yogurt, the customer then chooses their toppings , beginning at $0.75 for the first topping and then $0.25 for any additional topping.  The toppings consist of fruits, nuts, crumbled up chocolate candy bars, cereal, and other sweets such as coconut, brownie, cookie dough, yogurt chips and granola.  There is also a large variety of sizes to choose from including: petite ($2.50), small ($2.95), medium ($3.75), large ($4.50), and jumbo ($7.00). 

            There are many other great qualities to Local Yogurt besides just the taste of the yogurt and toppings.  Local Yogurt uses no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives . They are also processed in accordance with the US Public Health Service Grade A pasteurization standards.  The shop is also certified gluten-free and kosher.  Local Yogurt also holds weekly specials which cater to the community.  For example, every Wednesday is known as “Elon Day”, when $1 is taken off of every price.  In the past, Local Yogurt has also had Elementary School Day, where students in elementary schools get 1$ off of their purchase plus free sprinkles, Family Day, where a petite size comes free with the purchase of a medium and Military Day, where any veteran can get a dollar off of his/her purchase. If you’re looking for a sweet and healthy treat, Local Yogurt is a great answer.

             Local Yogurt is located at 116 West Lebanon Avenue can be contacted at (336) 586-1775. Like them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Local-Yogurt-Elon/170222883023585 . If you want to find out more information, you can visit  http://www.localyogurt.com/ or stop in! Local Yogurt's hours of operation are 11am-10pm on Monday through Thursday, 11am-11pm on Friday and Saturday and 12-9pm on Sunday.

photo credit to Katie KowalskiPhoto credit to Kyle Trimble



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