The Kernodle Center for Service Learning provides opportunities for eager Elon University students to engage in service of all types through their multiple and wide ranging volunteer programs.

The Kernodle Center at Elon University home to the Lunch Buddies program.

Lunch Buddies is a service offered through the Kernodle Center located on the second floor of the Mosley Building. The Lunch Buddies program pairs Elon University Students with a local elementary student to eat lunch with them once a week. The Lunch Buddies program is very flexable for students because students get to choose which day of the week they meet with their lunch buddie. The Lunch Buddies program is a great opportunity for students who enjoy children but do not want to make too big of a commitment to a service program because lunch for elementary students is only thirty minutes long so it is not that time consuming. Lunch Buddies help kids who are shy, new to the area, or maybe kids that just have a hard time making friends or fitting it. This program is an easy way to make an enormous difference in the life of a child. In order to participate in the Lunch Buddies program, a person must go through a training session to be cleared to work with children. This session usually takes about an hour and can be done through the Kernodle Center. For more information regarding Lunch Buddies or the training session, you can email