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Mynt is a high-end women’s fashion boutique located on W. Lebanon Ave, right next to Elon University. The boutique opened over ten years ago and has been successfully marketing and selling their designer products to a wide range of clientele since 2002.



 Mynt was founded by Whitney Brown Sandor in 2004, one year after she graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business. Before Whitney opened up her dream store, she spent a summer with fashion designer Tracey Reese in New York City. 

Whitney Brown Sandor- Mynt Owner

Significance of Name 

While Brown herself said there is nothing significant about the store's name, she likes that it is short, not too girly and not too obscure. This shows that Mynt does not want to be regarded as just a female clothing store, and would rather have customers believe the store is diverse. 



The business takes pride in the quality of both the store and the products sold. Frequent brands seen in Mynt include Tory Burch, Rebecca Taylor, JBrand, Shoshanna, Amanda Uprichard and Southern Tide. The critically acclaimed American designer Tory Burch fits the contemporary style that the boutique strives to achieve. The high end designers and brands they carry display how upscale Mynt is. 


As well as many female clothing designers, Mynt supplies clothing for male customers as well. The boutique's goal is to give customers the ability to dress causal while appearing classy and put-together. Mynt offers a variety of both preppy yet modern styles. Mynt strives to assit sororities and sisterhoods because greek life has such a presence on the Elon University campus. They are constantly getting new arrivals and shipments for each season and keep up very well with the current trends. 

Mynt Men's Graphic Tank Top- Amazon.comExample of some of the latest clothing from Mynt- @myntbotique


There is a wide selection of fancy and casual options of dresses, pants, shirts, and skirts. They have a denim wall of numerous styles and brands some of which include Citizens of Humanity, Hudson, and Paige Denim. The store also contains a variety of accessories, such as jewelry and shoes. Mynt has clothes for every occasion whether you are going to a formal, in desperate need of a casual outfit, or just a little "pick me up" accessory.  

Contrasting Mynt's diverse style: The dress is made to be worn for a more formal event (left), while the sweater-jeans-boots combo is made for a casual day (right). 


Mynt offers many services to their customers. Services at Mynt include closet and image consulting done by Whitney Sandor, personal shopping and personal styling, and customized parties, trunkshows, and events. 

Pricing / Customer Service

Mynt is known for their quality and high-end retail at lower prices. The boutique often will offer sales where customers can purchase designer products at decreased prices. Each member of the staff strives to make the customer's shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

A recent sale announced by Mynt, courtesy of its Instagram page.


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108 W Lebanon Ave, Elon, NC 27244



11 am-6 pm






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