While attending Elon University, students have the option to live off campus after freshman year. There are two types of off-Campus housing that students can choose from: Apartments and Houses. Each type of housing has many options in the areas surrounding campus.


There are many apartment options around Elon for students to choose from. For students who want an apartment that is within easy walking distance to campus, there are apartment complexes nearby such as the West End apartments, O'Kelley Apartments, and New and Old Trollinger. If a student does not mind walking a bit more or has a car, there are additional options nearby; this includes the Residences at Forestdale, Phoenix Arms, Partners Place, College Station, University Pointe, and College Place.

West End apartmentsNew Trollinger apartments


There are two types of houses off campus around Elon; this includes traditional style houses and apartment style duplex Sheridan Place (Taken by Beau Scheier)houses that are common in the housing complexes. Traditional houses that are available to students are located in areas that surround Elon's campus. The apartment style duplexes are also nearby; these housing complexes include Oak Hill and Sheridan place.



There are several pros and cons that come with living in off-campus housing. While these options tend to be cheaper, they are also farther away from classrooms, dining halls, and events that occur on campus. These off-campus areas are also popular for students who like to throw parties. Students who enjoy going to parties would probably enjoy this aspect of off-campus housing; however, some students may be bothered by the noise. Sheridan place is a good example. Sheridan place hosts Festivus every year, which is the biggest party at the school. Sheridan place also hosts block parties when the weather is nice. Oak Hill is also known to have the occasional block party and the apartments are known to be riddled with them Thursday through Saturday. Many of the houses within a ten to fifteen minute walk of Elon University Historic Neighborhood  are owned by the Greek Life at Elon University, some athletic teams, and organizations like the A cappella groups or Elon Local News. So if you plan to live in a house near campus, look into who your neighbors are if you want to sleep on the weekends. Another pro to living off-campus is that you can apply to have block meal plans which are cheaper than the required All-Access or other meal plan options that are required for on-campus residents. Block allows you to have a specific amount of meal dollars and swipes for any dining hall, while still allowing you to utilize the kitchen in your off-campus house. Another perk of living off campus is that you can get more space for your money and also have access to amenities offered at the apartment community like a pool, fitness center, or the option of having a pet. 


Off-Campus Housing Information


Name Address Cost Telephone Number
College Place 213 College Avenue $520 per month per person 336-226-8411
College Station St. Johns Street $425 per month per person 336-226-8411
Crest Apartments 756 E. Haggard Avenue

$562 per month per

person for 10 months

New Trollinger 321&323 West Trollinger Avenue $435 per month per person 336-226-8411
Oak Hill 735 E. Haggard Avenue $395-$425 per month per person 336-275-4007
Old Trollinger 321&323 West Trollinger Avenue $435 per month per person


Partners Place

100 Campus Walk Trail $465 per month per person 336-226-7368
Phoenix Arms 900 E. Haggard Avenue $399 per month per person 336-226-8411
Sheridan Place Haggard Avenue $395-$425 per month per person 336-275-4007
University Pointe 944 E. Haggard Avenue $465 per month per person 336-226-8411
West End Apartments North Manning Avenue and West Lebanon $450 per month per person 336-266-8411