Om Shanti is a yoga studio located in Burlington, North Carolina. This hands on studio aims to help participants through their yoga journey while being mindful of individual needs. Co- owners Mary Faucette and Susan Hearn created the studio, and successfully run the company with the help of other instructors Lauren Kearn, Cully Lambeth, Diane Hall, Amilcar Perez, Catherine Knapp, and Richard Knapp. All instructors are well certified, and claimed as the “best of professionals.”

         Om Shanti Yoga offers a variety of classes including yoga stretch, basic, intermediate, and kids yoga. Yoga stretch helps improve flexibility, strength, and balance. It is designed for those of less practice, while basic and mixed is slightly more advanced. Basic and mixed aim to help with breath techniques and inversions. Intermediate is the most advanced and energetic c form of yoga offered, incorporating the vinyasa flow and ashtanga style of yoga. It is mentally and physically challenging, and experience is recommended. The last type of yoga offered is kids yoga, designed to help set children’s futures as nourishing and creative one.

         Classes are offered 7 days a week at a variety of times. Prices are reasonable, and classes are sold individually or by a package of classes. Current clients at Om Shanti yoga have great reviews of the studio and yoga practice. Mark claims “I just got back from Turkey and Hong Kong and I’ve traveled all over the world…Om Shanti is still the #1 yoga studio in the world.”

         Om Shanti is well credited, and highly recommended by participants. The studio explains the importance of yoga, and how it reflects to us “who we are, and how we act moment to moment.” The studio also informs interested participants that all their workouts are safe and effective for all ages, they will help guide the participants, and that all movements are aimed to help reduce stress and tension.

         All of these great qualities come together to make Om Shanti an outstanding yoga studio located in the heart of Burlington.


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