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      The storefront and outside seating area.          The counter and bar area of Tangent


Tangent Eat + Bar is restaurant located in downtown Elon, North Carolina, that specializes in southwestern foods and customizable dining. According to their website, the restaurant's mission is to serve "thoughtfully created, flavorful, scratch made food and drink."


The owners of campus favorite restaurant The Root, Chris Brumbaugh and Lynn Terrell, opened Tangent during the summer of 2015. The name of the restaurant stems from the definition of tangent--diverting from an original course--relating to the owners' decision to "go off on a tangent" by introducing a more casual restaurant than The Root. Unlike the sit-down dining that The Root provides, Tangent allows customers to order at the counter and have their food prepared to either eat there or as a to-go option. A bar area also allows anyone over 21 to enjoy craft beer, wine, or cocktails. 

Tangent fills a need in the local area for more vegetarian and vegan friendly food options with options like the "Fried Green Tomato Taco" and the "Roasted Cauliflower Taco." For those looking for a quick eat that doesn't include tacos, corn on the cob, chicken bites and "Fried Rice 101" with your choice of grilled chicken, steak, shrimp or pork round out the current menu. The diverse options deemed "asian fusion" on the restaurant's Yelp page cater to both meat eaters and veggie-lovers alike. 

The newest additions to the menu includeOnion Petals and the Banh Mi Taco, as well as southern style desserts like the Tres Leches Cake or the Mexican Brownie. Options continue to expand, as each month the menu rotates to allow customers to sample new creations.

Although many Elon University students can be found at this off-campus dining options, the fast service, and kid friendly atmosphere makes it a great casual dining option for many Burlington residents and visitors to the Elon area. Prices for individual food items range from $2 to $4.50, contributing to Tangent's popularity as an affordable and fast restaurant. 

Special Features

Tangent's atmosphere is known as unique to the Elon area for several reasons. After ordering from a menu with options like the "Chicken and Waffle Taco" and having the ability to mix-and-match menu items, customers eating at the restaurant receive a stand with recognizable memes and characters. Some favorite stands include pictures of Hermione Granger, Justin Bieber's mugshot, and Buddha. Customers can then choose a seat at several booths or small tables that are decorated with maps. Similar to The Root, each table houses a cup of trivia question cards to liven up conversation.

All tacos come wrapped in tin foil, and every meal is placed inside a small metal serving tray. When customers are finished, trash cans labeled for both recyclable and non-recyclable items tell customers exactly what counts as trash and recyclable materials. This emphasis on recycling aligns with Elon University's commitment to environmental sustainability, while keeping the task easy for college students in a rush.

Another special feature includes Tangent's online ordering system, which is accessible through an online interface. This system allows customers to place to-go orders electronically, either for immediate pick up or later in the day. Ordering can be completed on a laptop, mobile phone, or tablet, and customers can pre-pay with debit or credit cards, resulting in highly efficient food pick up. 

You can view a sample menu below or on the website

   The ever-changing menu found on the wall.        The Chicken and Waffle Taco        A drinks menu is also available in the bar area.