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Provide an overview of the person/place/organization you are creating a page for. Essentially the who, what, when, where in just a few sentences. If this institution has an interesting history, include this here or in a separate section.

In order to add an image to the LocalWiki page, click the small green square in the toolbar on the top of the edit page and select the image you would like to upload to the page. Make sure that your image has a license which allows it to be reproduced, or take a photo yourself for the page.

After the overview, arrange the information on the page with the most important information at the top of the page. LocalWiki provides helpful headings and sub-heading settings which help make information chunking easier to understand for readers.


Helpful Hints

Using the link feature through the edit screen, you can hyperlink a word to take the user to another page on the LocalWiki. Simply highlight the word you want to embed the link in, copy the link you want to use, and paste it into the box which appears after you click the link icon on the edit toolbar.

Social Media links are a great way to help readers connect to local businesses and organizations. There is no right or wrong place to add social media links on your page. At the bottom of the page or in the edit box at the top are both good places for these links.

Tags go at the bottom of the page and they help readers find the article they are looking for.

Please add a last updated date at the bottom of your LocalWiki page to help other editors know how recent the information is.


Examples of pages…


Last updated: 9/10/2015