The Burlington Housing Authority Contact Information: 

Location: 133 North Ireland St. PO Box 2380 Burlington, NC 27216-2380

Phone: (336) 226-8421



       The Burlington Housing Authority is a program dedicated to providing affordable housing for those in need. They work with families, elderly, disabled, and handicapped people, helping them get back on their feet by giving them tools and skills that lead to stable lives. The Burlington Housing Authority directs federal housing projects in the city of Burlington. Currently, they own, operate, and sustain four hundred and sixty eight housing units in the city of Burlington. These units are a combination of multi-family and elderly complexes.           

            In addition to affordable housing, the Burlington Housing Authority also offers it’s applicants a variety of enrichment and training programs. Their objective is to equip its members with life-long valuable skills that will help them maintain substantial living situations. One of the programs offered is the After School program. Its mission is, “To improve the academic performance of the children we serve and to encourage respect and discipline.” They work towards this goal by making sure children complete their homework, providing healthy snacks, and giving the children access to different cultural and educational experiences. By placing children in a safe and rewarding environment the Burlington Housing Authority is making sure they are staying out of trouble, and helping them achieve their full potential. 

            Elon University partners with Burlington Housing Authority to provide them with volunteers to assist with these programs and help make their mission a reality. Through the Kernoodle center, Elon students who have a desire to better the lives of others can volunteer to help with after school programs, taking care of kids while their parents work or train to become more eligible for future jobs. The volunteers often become mentors to the children they work with, and it becomes a beneficial experience on both ends. 



Volunteers for the After School Program

Summer Enrichment Program