Basic Info:

Located at 403 Trollinger Street in Burlington, North Carolina, Trollinger Treasures Thrift Store is a more-than-reasonably priced consignment shop.


Their schedule consists of being open Monday through Friday at 10 am until 6 pm and Saturday 9 am until 4 pm. They are closed on Sunday. If you would like to get in contact with them, you can call 336-227-8500 or store manager Cindi Coble at 227 8500.

Contact Info:

Trollinger Treasures gets the items in their stores through donations from people like you. Donations can be dropped off any time. However, if you have a large scale donation or large quantities of items that you would like to be donated, you can call 336 227 8500 and someone from the store would gladly come pick it up from you.


There is a huge variety in the amount of the things you can donate to and purchase from Trollinger Treasures. They have furniture, kitchen ware (cups, utensils, plates, ect.), games, VHSs, DVDs, costumes, shoes, clothing, and much, much more. There are always new items being brought out on to the floor, so there will always be new things to shop for.

 As expected, the majority of the items in Trollinger Treasures are clothes. Each and every article of clothing is hand-inspected by employees for stains or other imperfections. If any are found, then they are shipped over-seas for those in need (unless, of course, the piece of clothing is too damaged). Then, each piece of clothing is steamed to perfection to ensure the highest quality. Even though it is a consignment shop, you can always expect to discover a great find. There are plenty of different types of clothes for all different ages and sizes, including, infant clothing, children clothing, suits for men, suits for women, bathing suits, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, maternity ware, plus size clothing, and hats. Also, you can find beautiful wedding dresses. If you are looking for clothing, chances are Trollinger Treasures has what you’re looking for. Prices of clothing usually range from $3-$10. The prices are very reasonable.

Community Service:

Something most people may not be familiar with is the fact that not only is Trollinger Treasures an upscale consignment store, it is also a supporter of RTSA, or Residential Treatment Services of Alamance. RTSA’s goal is to improve the lives of those suffering from alcoholism, addiction, and/or mental illness. They provide plenty of resources, support, counseling services, and good old fashion encouragement for their patients to overcome their illness and succeed in life. They have several residential communities for those who need constant support. The sale of donated goods from this store provides help for people recovering from alcoholism, addiction, or mental illness. There is a camel statue in the store, the symbol of Alcoholics Anonymous. The camel goes days without drinking, just like recovering alcoholics strive to go days, then weeks, then months, then forever without drinking.

Not only does the store help those in RTSA, but it also gives Elon University students whom have gotten in trouble for drinking a place to do their community service. Students are expected to complete either 24 or 48 hours of community service (depending on the charge) at Trollinger Treasures. Students are expected to be courteous and helpful and are are also expected to wear closed toed shoes.

Trollinger Treasures is definitely not your typical thrift store. It has plenty of options for everyone at prices most people can afford. It also helps the community by providing ways to get over alcoholism, addiction, or mental illness and gives students a place to do community service. Those who are not assigned by the county to do community service are more than welcome to volunteer at Trollinger Treasures any time. If you wish to volunteer, just call store manager Cindi Coble at 227-8500.