Walter M. Williams High School

 Located at :

1307 South Church Street Burlington, North Carolina


Walter M. Williams High school (named after previous North Carolina resident) is known as one of the flagship schools in the Alamance-Burlington School District. It is located in Burlington, North Carolina, just a short distance away from Elon University. The school is currently under the instruction of Principal Joe Ferrel with the help of Assistant Principals Yolanda Anderson, Mark Gould, and Stephanie Hunt. It has a long history in the area, as it has been operating for over 70 years. Serving students from grades 9 through 12, the school is recognized for its high academics, offering both honors and Advanced Placement options for students. Furthermore, it was awarded a Blue Ribbon recognition in 2007. The school's total enrollment is approximately 6,700 students.

School Offerings

Along with many other opportunities for development such as service clubs and honor societies, because of the school's close proximity to Elon University, Walter M. Williams High School offers a unique program for students to take classes on the college's campus during the school year.  A select group of students are also given the opportunity to attend a program known as Elon Academy. These students are able to reside on Elon University's campus while taking classes during the summer.  Walter M. Williams High School uses Elon's student teachers on a regular basis, which helps to keep the relationship between the high school and the university so strong. The school also requires a Capstone Project, which is a project for seniors only graduating after the year 2014. The hope of this project, which is required for graduation, is to showcase the individual students' growth and education while pushing them further during their last year attending the institution. 

   Walter M. Williams High School in Burlington, NC        The school's mascot is the Bulldog

Fun Facts:

  • Elvis Presley performed at the school in 1956
  • The schools colors are Gold and Black, the same as Wake Forest University, because Walter M. Williams was on the board of trustees there
  • The school newspaper is called, "The Barker" and is named after their Bulldog mascot
  • The auditorium is one of the largest in North Carolina
  • The school was built on what was once Piedmont Country Club
  • The 1952 baseball team won the North Carolina AAA championship
  • The sports teams at Elon University once used the Williams High School athletic facilities

"Even my grandparents went here" says Maggie Morrison, a current senior at Walter M. Williams High School and participant in the partnership with Elon for classes program. The school is clearly very rich in history.

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