Looking for a place to chill this summer? Want to find a cool, trendy new hang out? Trying to satisfy your sweet-tooth with healthier options?

YoZone in Burlington is the place for you.



309 Huffman Mill Road #410 Burlington, NC 27215



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Frozen Yogurt is the newest sweet treat sweeping its way across the country. Simply imagine ice cream with more pizazz. FroYo is rich in both nutrients and flavors, so you can feel great about making the decision to coming to YoZone and grabbing a quick bite. 

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Still skeptical about FroYo? Check out the facts at http://www.livestrong.com/article/288571-the-health-benefits-of-frozen-yogurt/


YoZone offers dozens of different soft serve flavors of FroYo including delicious options such as alpine vanilla, queen of tarts, and dark chocolate delight. Not to mention, their flavors vary regularly, so you are always sure to find new favorites each time you go!


Following the frozen yogurt area, there is a wall of nearly anything you can imagine to add to your FroYo creation. YoZone has every topping from fruit to crunchy cereal and everything in between. You can even top off your delicious dessert with fluffy whip cream, Nutella syrup or other sweets of your choice.


YoZone bases how much you pay on how much you put in your bowl, which is ideal, because the entire store is self-serve. They weigh your bowl of FroYo in ounces and then charge you accordingly. A typical cup of FroYo costs anywhere from $3.00-$4.00.


YoZone is a welcoming, family friendly hangout for all ages. The coloring inside of the store is bright and inviting with plenty of seating for you and all of your friends! Plus, it is located in Holly Hills Mall, so you can shop before or after you to grab a sweet treat. 




Come over to YoZone and get your FroYo fix everyday of the week!

Can't wait? Check YoZone out now at http://www.yozonefroyo.com

See you soon!