Sloan Hall 

Outside the residence hall, Sloan Hall

Elon University


Elon University offers a variety of dorms to students living on campus.  Sloan Hall is one dormitory that is located on the west side of campus or also known as the historic area.  Located in the heart of the campus, many believe Sloan is the ideal location for a dorm, easily accessible to many academic buildings and dining halls.

Sloan is currently composed of three floors with suite-style rooms. Each room shares a bathroom with the room adjacent and each suite consists of the same sex, however, it is a coed floor. The first floor of Sloan host the Communications Learning Community for selected communications majors.

After a $100,000 anonymous donation, the university began the construction of Sloan Hall in 1960; by 1961 the dorm was complete.  The fifty-year-old dormitory was originally built for eighty women that attended Elon College.

During 1972, President Danieley dedicated the dorm to Dr. and Mrs. Sloan after their twenty-five years of service to the Elon community.  In a 1972 appreciation ceremony, President Danieley stated the dormitory was “to recognize invaluable services of two members of our faculty and to express our appreciation for many contributions to Elon College including significant assistance in making possible the construction of this dormitory.” 




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