The Edge

           The Edge is Elon University’s student-run magazine that has been operating since 2010.  The magazine was created by Elon University student and current Editor-in-Chief Kate Riley, and today is Elon’s only general-interest magazine on campus (The Edge).  The magazine covers stories from human-interest pieces to more thought-provoking, broader issues.  The focal audience for The Edge is Elon students, although residents of surrounding counties are also encouraged to read the magazine.  The Edge contains an index with seven sections: Entertainment, Fashion, Features, Health and Wellness, Opinions, Sports, and Travel.  It runs in print twice a semester and can be found in various buildings around Elon’s campus with no fee.

           The Edge, referred to as The Magazine of the Pendulum, works closely with Elon University’s student-run newspaper, The Pendulum.  Both The Pendulum and The Edge share the same office sitting at 130 N. Williamson Ave. on the outskirts of Elon’s main campus.  The Edge also has an online site linked to The Pendulum, where audiences can read articles not found in the print edition, and make online comments.  The site can be found at <>.  The Edge is still a relatively new magazine that is developing each day with new writers and advertising methods.

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