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The Ypsilanti Commercial

Saturday morning-day 13, 1865. A handsome fence-Messers A.H.Goodrich and D.L. Quirk are enclosing their residence on Huron Street with a new fence that is indeed a credit to our city. It is mainly of wood but molded and sanded to imitate iron. It has elegant iron gate posts and is bolted with iron clamps to large square stone posts sunk three feet into the ground. For durability, it cannot be surpassed and we have seen nothing so tasty. We are told its cost was $30 per rod.

The story of 220 N Huron Calender etching. Built in 1860 Stairway. 1948. 3/14/1970. Restoring the Museum 3/17/1970. Restoring the Museum Found mystery room. 4/30/1970. Restoring the Museum Wallpaper was painted in 1974 by Arthur Harvard May 20, 1984. Reception Set article Article in the Ann Arbor Newspaper. October, 1985. Cleaning up April 19, 1986. Right: Andrew Smith. Left: David Gauntlett Restoring Facade. Friday Morning August 19, 1999. Detail Ghost stories. 2004 December 2, 2007. Article in the Ann Arbor Newspaper. The Current archives in the basement of the museum.

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