The Quirk Mansion

304 North Huron is now recognized as 300 North Huron.

This Second Empire, mansard-roofed home was built by Daniel Lace Quirk in about 1860. It was given to the City of Ypsilanti in 1914 and was used for a variety of functions until it was purchased for private offices.

One of the oldest amateur theatrical groups in the country, THE YPSILANTI PLAYERS, made their home at the Quirk property until St. Luke’s Church House was built in 1928, providing them with a new home.

Architecture Description 1951 Heritage Postcard 1956. March 28, 1967 September 11, 1975 October 30, 1978 July, 1979 Roof Repairs. 1979. Ypsilanti Arts Council. October, 1979. Grand Dame. February 27, 1980 November 24, 1981 April, 1982 March, 1985 Parcel Survey Parcel Dimensions Landmark becomes Office Building Entrance Details Facade views Rear View

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