590 W. Ellsworth Road: Timeline 

  • 2015-May-04. The property at 590 W. Ellsworth Road appears on the May 4, 2015 agenda of the Ann Arbor City Council, so that the Council can approve a grant of easement. As a conveyance of land, under the City Charter the vote requires an eight-vote majority on the 11-member Council. According to the staff memo accompanying the Council resolution, in 2013, the Council accepted a grant of easement from 3965 South State Associates, L.L.C. for public utilities on the property now owned by Barnes Development Company, LLC. Barnes Development Company, LLC now wishes to reroute the easement to permit construction of a commercial building. The new public utilities easement is intended to supersede and replace the prior easement. 
  • 2013-Oct-08. The site plan for a new Belle Tire, to be located at 590 W. Ellsworth – just east of the intersection with South State Street – receives approval from the Ann Arbor city council. (Ann Arbor Chronicle)