Route 5, the Packard bus, runs every 15 minutes during the day between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti, with more frequent service during rush hours. Some routes (the 5B and 5C) terminate at the Meijer on Carpenter Road instead of going all the way to Ypsi, and the 5D cuts off a corner of the route for faster though not more frequent service to remote destinations.

From Ypsilanti, here's where the bus goes:

Major stops

Literary history

Ok, this is a fun thing: the Academy of American Poets recently created a map of 31 treasured literary landmarks in the the United States.

Number 19 on the list, as you can see, is "Robert Hayden's bus route, Ann Arbor, MI." They don't provide more info on the site, but the Ann Arbor News did a piece on August 6:

"With eyesight too poor for driving, Hayden often rode the bus from the corner of State and William Streets to Packard and Gardner Streets, then walked the short distance to his home ... AATA Route 5 played a humble but important supportive role in his later career."

So your bus route has been memorialized ...

Hayden was consultant in poetry to the Library of Congress in his day -- that's the role that's now called U.S. poet laureate. I like his stuff a lot. His best-known piece is here: Those Winter Sundays.

Route map

The route, starting from the Blake Transit Center:

Route maps