Andy Garris is the former operator of the Elbow Room, a bar in Ypsilanti

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Dec 1, 2010. Another 800 words about Andy Garris and a bar (please welcome Woodruff's to Depot Town). "Andy moved from the Elbow Room to Savoy and now moves to Woodruff's at 36 Cross St. in Depot Town — the former site of Celebrations Banquet Hall and better known as the old Cady's Grill."

In 2006, Andy Garris had an agreement with Art Campbell to run the bar and eventually acquire the liquor license. He started managing the bar in early 2007. The liquor license transfer was slowed as the city sought building modifications, Jackson said. Art Campbell died before the transfer took place, and Jackson said Garris has indicated that he wouldn’t be finalizing the purchase.