1924 Ann Arbor hay baler, now an antique.Oliver Ann Arbor Pick-Up Baler, parts list, 1944.

The Ann Arbor Agricultural Machine Company was founded in 1885. It became the leading manufacturer of "hay presses" or stationary balers, and was acquired by the Oliver Farm Equipment Company in 1943.

The 'Ann Arbor Agricultural Machine Company' is not quite the name of the Ann Arbor born company that Oliver acquired in 1943. The original company was set up by Lewis Moore in 1866 (there is a suggestion it was actually in 1865) as L. Moore and Son. The company made small farm implements. In 1870, Eli Moore, John Finnigan and a Mr. Howard bought into the company with the name changing to the 'Ann Arbor Agricultural Company'. The first Hay Presses (named, 'Advance Hay Presses')  built by the company, were built probably in 1889 although it is possible individual examples were built as early as 1887. This company name lasted until 1903 when a reorganisation had it renamed, the 'Ann Arbor Machine Company'.

The 'Ann Arbor Machine Company' name persisted until 1920 when it was changed to the 'Ann Arbor Baler Corporation'; the company was incorporated back in 1878! The company went into liquidation in the latter half of 1920 and was sold at Public Auction on November 30 of that year. The entire company, all its patents, its capital assets, the whole lot, was bought by The Tallman family of Shelbyville, Illinois. The Tallman's changed the company's name back to the 'Ann Arbor Machine Company' but moved it to Shelbyville in January of 1923.

The Tallman's sold it to Oliver in 1943, leading to 'Oliver Ann Arbor' Balers being on the market between 1943 and 1949 when the Ann Arbor name disappeared. 

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