Ann Arbor Camera Club is dedicated and committed to the photographic experience - to learning, experimenting, skill improvement and providing inspiration to each other. All types of photographers are represented in the Club (landscape, portrait, wildlife, street, sports, macro, etc...) as are all types of photographs (digital, film, color, black & white, and even large format). You will discover club members are interested, knowledgeable and passionate about the art and process of creating photographic images.

  • The Ann Arbor Camera Club is an unaffiliated organization, which views photography as both an art form and hobby.
  • Our aim is to promote growth, improve skills and foster appreciation in the making of photograhic images.
  • We hold informal gatherings offering an opportunity for learning more about the exciting world of photography.
  • Club members are from southeastern Michigan and range in experience from beginners to professional exhibitors.
  • Meetings consist of a program on various photographic topics followed by exhibition and discussion of members' photographs.
  • Prospective members, guests and visitors are always welcome.

The Club encourages involvement in many types of photographic endeavors. Activities include: field trips (both day and weekend retreats), exhibitions of members' photographs, workshops, promotion of various photographic events and guest speakers.

Meetings: 7:30 pm on the first and third Tuesday of the month during the school year.  Meeting schedule: