The old Ann Arbor High School was on State Street, where the Frieze Building was demolished in 2007. It is now known as the North Quad.

Some pictures:

  • Ann Arbor High School, 1894: [1]
  • Ruined in a 1904 fire: [2]

Ann Arbor High School was also the name of the building now called Pioneer High School, on Stadium Boulevard at Main Street, until Huron High School was built.

Historical Tidbits:

  • Defined purple and white as its colors in 1901
  • Its song, "The Purple and White" was written in 1914 by Margaret Horton Cooley
  • The nickname "Pioneer" came about as a result of a 1936 contest
  • Lewis Forsythe was the longest serving principal
  • Trustee Ashley Clague turned the first shovel of dirt in 1953 at the groundbreaking ceremony
  • The school was officially dedicated in 1956