An often-snarky but always-entertaining blog run by Julia Lipman, AAIO (as it is commonly known) is devoted to figuring out how and why Ann Arbor is so pleased with itself. Frequently criticized for its negativity - often in terms far more negative than are used by the site's maintainer - AAIO has become a meaningful forum for the discussion of community politics, interesting AA factoids, and critical analysis of the Ann Arbor environs. The progression from forum for basic anonymous venting to valuable community resource with a snarky edge was accompanied by a shift from a Diaryland site by the name "Ann Arbor Sux" to the current name and URL.

The author was anonymous for a long time.

The blog is now defunct.

In the news

Ann Arbor is Overrated has gained a local following for the swipes it takes at Ann Arbor politics and culture, focusing particularly on density issues and anti-student sentiments. Lipman started the blog in 2002, after moving here from Boston to pursue her Ph.D. in computer science at the University of Michigan.

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