The city of Ann Arbor owns an airport near State Street and Ellsworth Road, just south of I-94 in Pittsfield Township. It has 148 hangers and handles small airplanes. The terminal building is located at 801 Airport Drive.

This is where the Goodyear blimp and planes that fly banners over Michigan football games take off and land.

Plans to extend the runway are not welcomed by citizens living nearby, including citizens of the Stonebridge community just across Lohr Road from the end of the runway.

A Fourth of July airshow and fireworks were held at the airport until around 1990, when the rising cost of insurance forced the city to end the event.

Ann Arbor Airport: Timeline

  • 2015-May 18 The Ann Arbor Airport appears on the May 18, 2015 agenda of the Ann Arbor City Council as a late addition to the agenda made the same day as the meeting. Sponsored by Councilmembers Jack Eaton (Ward 4) and Sabra Briere (Ward 1), the resolution would direct the City Administrator "to work with our partners in Pittsfield Township, gaining approval of the runway extension prior incorporating it for action by City Council." The proposed runway extension has encountered strong opposition from residents near the approach over the course of two decades. The resolution can be fairly analyzed as the Council's direction not to incorporate the runway extension into future city planning, because the condition set by the resolution (winning approval from the township) would likely be extraordinarily difficult in the near- to medium-term.
  • 2015-May 4 The Ann Arbor Airport appears on the May 4, 2015 agenda of the Ann Arbor City Council as a part of a $162,000 grant contract with the Michigan Department of Transportation for the purchase of snow removal equipment at the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport. The equipment to be purchased is a new wheel loader. The new wheel loader was approved by the City Council on March 16, 2015 so the order could be placed while the grant funding was being processed. The grant amount of $162,000 is made up of $149,714 in federal funds, $6,143 in state funds and $6,143 in airport matching funds. The airport's share is included in the airport's current operating budget. All funding (local, state and federal) comes from fees paid by users of aviation industry services. The grant is administered by MDOT-Aero. There will be at least one additional grant contract with MDOT-Aero for broom and snow blower attachments for this loader.

KARB. Not for use in navigation.


Tower communications are on 120.300 MHz (AM).
Runway: 6-24
Dimensions: 3,500ft x 100ft
Lighted Runway
No Landing Fee
Hangars and Tie-Downs Available

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