Private music lessons in guitar, bass, drums, piano, voice, violin, saxophone, banjo, clarinet, and flute. Learn how to play the universal language of music on an instrument. Group band classes for ALL AGES, including youth ROCK BAND classes, youth JAZZ BAND classes, adult BLUES band, adult ROCK band, adult JAZZ band. Students bring a  guitar and bass and plug in - amplifiers, drums, keyboards and PA are provided for the weekly band classes, where the groups play music together IN A BAND under the guidance of an AAMC instructor. Rock Band School.

Also home of King Custom Guitars and May Custom Basses. All handmade, custom made guitars and basses.

We have two in house luthiers who do quality repairs and setups every day. 

Owned by musician, composer and teacher Alex Johnson and Karen King

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2014 start June 19.