Former Ann Arbor News building, photo Nickolay Khazanov.The Ann Arbor News is published in print on Thursdays and Sundays and is available online on MLive. The current incarnation was created in 2013, after a rebranding of the short-lived

On January 6, 2016, reports circulated of pending layoffs to journalists at the Ann Arbor News and to MLive reporters statewide. An MLive news release reports that 29 content positions will be eliminated statewide, with no details of any local impacts.


2013 Revival

In 2013, was transitioned over to the MLive platform (along with Advance's other Michigan newspapers) and was replaced by a revived Ann Arbor News.

2008 Consolidation

In November 2008, the News announced that it was consolidating operations with the rest of the papers in the Booth chain around the state. Buyouts were offered, and some functions were centralized.

2009 Closure

On Mar 23, 2009, the Ann Arbor News announced that it would cease operations in July 2009. It was replaced by

The newspaper was published daily and Sunday and like the current incarnation was available online at MLive. It was in the same family of newspapers as the Booth Newspapers, a chain of Michigan newspapers in turn owned by Advance Publications, a Newhouse family company.

The closing of the Ann Arbor News would be the first in a series of changes at Advance that would see daily newspapers converted to twice or three times weekly papers, with greater emphasis put on online news coverage and online advertising.

Blog posts

Tony Dearing interviewed

Interview with's Tony Dearing on Paper Tiger No More, former News employee Jim Carty's blog


2008 Columnists and editors

Op-Ed: Other Voices essays Letters to the Editor

Business: Editor: Steve Pepple, Reporters: Stefanie Murray, Tina Reed

Local news: Editors: Steve Pepple, Lynn Monson, Cindy Heflin, Amalie Nash. Reporters and columnists: Judy McGovern, Tom Gantert, Geoff Larcom, David Gershman, Jo Mathis, David Jesse, Art Aisner, John Mulcahy, Seth Gordon

Ypsilanti: Editor: Rick Fitzgerald. Reporters: Susan Oppat, Ypsilanti Community News Reporters: Seth Gordan,

Entertainment: Editor: Bob Needham, Reporters: Roger LeLievre, Jenn McKee

Sports: Editors: Pete Bigelow, Dave McVety Reporters: John Heuser, Antoine Pitts

The News has a blog, Latest from the Ann Arbor News, which updates throughout the day with breaking news. There is a bootleg rebroadcast of this blog through Twitter at a2snooze. A daily webcast is shot in the downtown Ann Arbor newsroom on the third floor of the historic Albert Kahn building at Huron and Division.

The News is sometimes referred to as the "Snooze."

Some observers feel the News has a tendency to overplay "scandal" stories related to the University of Michigan.

Pre-2008 History

From 24 March 2008 article

Descendant o the Michigan Argus, published by Earle P. Gardiner.

Jan 1839: Gardiner starts daily Michigan Argus

March 14, 1839: daily stops publication

1843: Daily restarts

Jan 28 1846 -- Daily Argus restarts again, continues until 1907

1854: Gardiner and L.W. Cole sell the Argus to Elihu B. Pond. Pond edits for 25 years.

1886 - Samuel W. Beakes (Beakes Street?) buys the paper. Takes the paper daily in 1898 (wasn't it already daily?). Press time 3pm

1899-1900 J.E. Beal buys the Argus, merges it with the Register

1900 -- Ann Arbor Daily Argus and Washtenaw Times collaborate -- one a morning paper, the other an evening paper.