Enrollment: 2014 enrollment of 16,815 pupils in k-12. 21 elementary schools, 6 middle schools, 5 high schools.

A map of the schools and their boundaries can be found here.

The district has several large development projects continuing, including the new high school.

Superintendent Jeanice Kerr Swift started in 2013, replacing Patricia Green, who had replaced Todd Roberts.

See also: Board of Education. A part of Washtenaw Intermediate School District.


24 July: Ann Arbor News article

  • 16,500 viewers. $9,434 received per student from the state.
  • The district enrollment dropped by more than 200 students between the 2006-07 and 2007-08 school years.
  • $75,000 marketing campaign: "Ann Arbor school officials hope that an aggressive marketing plan - centered on the concept of "exceptional" - will help them add 200 students in the coming year. The marketing plan will cost the district between $71,000 and $75,000 Liz Margolis, the district's spokeswoman and director of communications, told the school board Tuesday night."
    • "Trustee Randy Friedman said the district needs to make sure every staff member is working to market the district to parents."

The AAPS has a projected 6 million deficit in the 08-09 school year. The $185 million budget will use $2.86 million from district savings.



A web site parodying the AAPS and critical of its efforts, http://www.annarborpublicschools.org , caused front page controversy in March of 2006. After a cease and desist order, it was taken down.

The district has undergone two recent rounds of substantial budget cuts. The middle school program was entirely restructured, an early retirement incentive was taken by 57 senior teachers and the food service was entirely outsourced.

Ann Arbor operates 20 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 5 high schools and a K-8 program as well as a comprehensive preschool. Test scores indicate the district is well above the state average in student achievement.



AAPS on Wikipedia

A History of Desegregation of the Ann Arbor Public Schools – Mary Jo Frank, University of Michigan School of Education, September 1976

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