The CB serves its purpose as a community gathering place, as in this meta-flickr picture from flickrite LouisL.

The Corner Brewery is a microbrewery at the corner of Forest Street and Norris Street, just north of Depot Town. The tasting room and beer garden opened on May 31, 2006.

The brewery is operated by Matt & Rene Greff, Ypsi residents who also own Arbor Brewing Company. Due to a quirk in Michigan liquor licensing law, the same person cannot own both a brewpub (like ABC) and a microbrewery (like the Corner Brewery), so Matt owns the brewpub and Rene the brewery. The microbrewery, which renovated an abandoned industrial facility, was partially financed by a network of community members, with additional startup funds provided by membership in the "Groundbreakers Club", with the membership fee largely refunded in the form of a house account.

The Corner Brewery is not a full bar - due to liquor laws, they may only serve their own beer, though they have recently added wine to their menu. The food selection is also limited, but does include tasty soft pretzels, hummus, and bratwurst (meat and veggie), with sandwiches and burger as well. Ordering food from other area restaurants with delivery service is encouraged, with Aubree's and Cafe Luwak favorites. As conditions of operating adjacent to a residential area, there won't be any live music, and the tasting room and beer garden are required to close at 11pm - though they open at 11am. Take-out beer is available, as well, in both six-packs and growlers. (*Please note that winter hours start on January 7, 2008. The Corner will open at 4pm beginning on that date.)

The brewery seems to be a popular neighborhood hang-out, though some visitors seem miffed by the hours, alcohol selection, and other expectations they have of a "bar". Additionally, the Greffs are committed political activists, and hold frequent fundraisers and receptions for a variety of Democratic politians and liberal or community groups. Other events known to take place at this catch-all "third place" include the Shadow Art Fair and weddings in the beer garden.