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Address: 39-41 E. Cross Street, Ypsilanti; 2122 Whittaker Road, Ypsilanti; 8031 Main St, Dexter; also locations in Northville, Howell, and Marquette
Handicap access:
Owner: Bill and Sandee French

Aubree's delivers pizza, including to the Corner Brewery, and also has a branch in the Township, on Whittaker Road. The Aubree's cluster of restaurants is owned by Bill and Sandee French.


Aubree's Saloon, along with the upstairs Sticks Pool & Pub and outdoor Tiki Rooftop Bar, was previously the biker bar Alibi's, when Depot Town was the bad side of town. At one point, one biker gang attempted to bomb another with hand grenades or dynamite (sources vary) dropped down the chimney - the explosives became stuck partway down, however, and blew up the third floor rather than the first.