Several communities in the area are holding highly contested elections this cycle. They include:

(All races are Democratic Party, unless otherwise noted. In Washtenaw County, it is difficult to find one Republican for any given position, let alone two.)

The Ann Arbor Democratic Party has a list of primary candidates for the August 2012 election, complete with links to candidate web sites where available.

Washtenaw County

County Commission

The Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners will see some shakeup in the 2012 elections, as the post-2010 Census redistricting process reduced the number of seats from 11 to 9. Incumbents Barbara Levin Bergman and Leah Gunn have previously announced their intent not to seek reelection.


Drain Commissioner

Longtime Drain Commissioner (aka "Water Resources Commission") Janis Bobrin is not running.

Prosecuting Attorney




Several judicial positions are elected to 6-year, non-partisan seats.

City of Ann Arbor

As usual, half of the Ann Arbor City Council is up for election this year, with the bonus of the Mayoral seat. As of May 12, the following candidates had filed or pulled nominating petitions.

City of Ypsilanti

The Ypsilanti City Council elections were highly contested in the wake of the failed May 2012 Ypsilanti City Income Tax ballot question and the budgetary crisis facing the city. In the 1st and 3rd Ward, challengers Pierce and Eller came directly from the anti-tax campaign, hoping to capitalize on momentum and anti-incumbent attitudes. These two challengers each lost with 1/3 of the vote. (

Ypsilanti Township

A slate called Y-Town Future challenged the incumbents for most seats in the Township, but the incumbents won handily (


Y-Town Future

Pittsfield Township

Ballot Questions

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