The township hall is located at 8021 Talladay Rd in the village of Whittaker. Phone: (734) 461-6117 Fax: (734) 461-6379

In the news

December 15, 2015. 'Complete and total lack of accountability': Why police can't find township's missing money. Ann Arbor News. "A joint investigation by the Michigan Attorney General's office and the Michigan State Police found there was approximately $80,000 that went missing from the county's books. Deputy treasurer Brendan Humeniak, 21, faces two charges of embezzlement as a public official in relation to about $10,000, but where the remaining $70,000 went remains a mystery."


Augusta Township Clerk Kathy Giszczak has been charged with eavesdropping for tape recording a conversation between the township supervisor and former deputy treasurer. She turned herself in for the warrant on these charges by coming to the walk-in arraignment time between 9 and 10 a.m. Wednesday in 14A District Court.

Michigan State Police detectives are investigating several current and former Augusta Township officials for an alleged Open Meetings Act violation. The investigation was brought to the State Police by several unidentified residents after published an article about a deal several current and former township officials made with a local developer, Dale LaClair, during the construction of the Lincoln Pines subdivision.

Several former Augusta Township leaders made an agreement with a developer in 2004 that cost the township’s utility department more than $400,000 in revenue, newly released documents show. And the current board recently halted an internal investigation into the circumstances of that deal.

A squabble over reviewing public records in Augusta Township has led to a lawsuit, a counter-suit and a bizarre incident in which a citizen rubbed a foul-smelling substance on himself so a township official would have to smell it as she stood by as he examined records.