BTB is located on South State Street between Hill Street and Packard Street. It was opened in 2003 by two students returning from study abroad. Originally, BTB was named Big Ten Burrito, but actions by the Big Ten Conference have forced them to change their name. In response, they had a renaming contest and received over 1000 entries.

See also the BTB Cantina at the corner of South University and Church Street. See also the BTB Party Bus.

The building is small but sees plenty of business, ranging from the Pioneer High School lunch surge to the late night inebriates. They'll do large orders for events, and have catered at least one wedding to date.

The menu features burritos, quesedillas, salads, nachos, and other items with chicken, steak, and vegetables. Most of the menu is priced under $10, and the menu used to use a straight dollar amount for every item and prices include tax so you'd never have to deal with coin change. With the recent rise in price, some items are not on the dollar anymore.


The space was most recently occupied by Mr. Spot's, who moved a few stores up the street to a larger spot.


  • 810 S State St, Ann Arbor, 48104 - (734) 222-4822
  • 1906 Packard St, Ann Arbor, 48104
  • (Cantina) 1140 South University - (734) 222-3715

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Adam Lowenstein and Justin Herrick own the most popular Mexican joint in town, own one of the most popular college bars in the city, have Ann Arbor's most recognizable form of green transportation, and recently took ownership of one of the coolest little downtown dive bars as well. They haven't earned a single credit in business school, yet they've gone from opening a hole-in-the-wall counter service in 2004 to running three restaurants, three bars, and a small fleet of green buses just six years later.