Backroom Pizza is located at 605 Church Street in Ann Arbor, half a block south of South University.

(734) 741-8296

Open late.

General Info

The student favorite, Backroom Pizza, or 'Dollar Pizza' as it's sometimes referred. Located on South University, as its nickname suggests, Backroom sells pizza by-the-slice for $1 (cheese only) or $1.25 (other, typically ancient pepperonis), or by-the-pie for unknown quantity. The pizza is not very high quality, but what can you expect for $1? A general consensus is that the pizza tastes much better when you're drunk, so when you are, why pay more? Backroom operates in conjunction with the Brown Jug, so the pizza found there is the same pizza sold at Backroom.

Backroom pizza has no indoor seating, but there is a nice picnic table outside and a really lousy standing bar thing inside.