Bagger Dave's is a hamburger restaurant in the Colonnade on Eisenhower.

859 W Eisenhower Pkwy Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (734) 994-3283

In the news

I wonder if anyone walking into Dick and Mac McDonald's restaurant when it opened in San Bernardino in 1940 ever thought that it would become the first link in a colossal global burger chain. Michael Ansley, the head of Diversified Restaurant Holdings that runs 11 Buffalo Wild Wings in Michigan and Florida, opened Bagger Dave's in Berkley in January as the first location in what he hopes will be a successful chain.

With the exception of our waitress (she was a gem), the service was simply unacceptable. We watched from our table others walk into the restaurant and be ignored. Some stayed until our waitress attended to them (even putting them in another section) while others simply walked out. While we ate, another waitress gossiped with the manager, who slowly ate her meal. Again, simply unacceptable. The meal ended with two tootsie rolls attached to our check— a nice touch. If the service was good, Bagger Dave’s may have looked at a high 3, low 4. Instead, I have to go with a very marginal 3 boilers.