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Owner: Federated Capital Corporation, CEO Lou Ferris

Bello Vino Marketplace, in the Plymouth Road Mall on Plymouth Road at Nixon Road, sold beer, wine, and upscale foods. As of late December 2008, they are having a big sale of all existing stock, preparing to close in early 2009. Other similar stores in Ann Arbor include Plum Market and Whole Foods.

Some of the Bello's food, including lamb and produce, is grown at the local Bello Vino Farms.

They were preceded at this location by a store called Merchant of Vino, which was bought up by Whole Foods, which was then in the space now occupied by Trader Joe's; Merchant closed when Whole Foods moved to their mammoth store on Washtenaw Avenue, and Bello Vino was opened by Louis P. Ferris, Jr. and a partner.

To complicate the name game further, in the back of the strip mall occupied by Merchant of Vino / Bello Vino is a liquor store called The Wine Seller.

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