Bill Knapp's

Bill Knapp's restaurant was a much-beloved Ann Arbor institution with several stores at Westgate, Carpenter Road, and South State. Favorite dishes included the signature Bill Knapp's chocolate cake and Fish-In-A-Basket. Bill Knapp's went out of business in 2002 as a new management team managed to bankrupt the chain within a matter of months after taking over.

Founded in Battle Creek.

Bill Knapp's had a notable birthday deal: your age as a percentage off on your bill on your birthday. This made it a favorite birthday gathering spot for octo- and nono-generians.

Bill Knapp's chocolate cake used to be available at several Ann Arbor area grocery stores, but Fresh Seasons went out of business, and Meijer no longer seems to carry it. It's manufactured by Awrey's, a bakery based in Livonia.

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