Startup biotech company.

Biotectix, LLC will develop and commercialize novel soft, bioactive conductive polymer electrodes and coatings for electrodes specifically tailored to enhance a wide variety of medical devices. This technology will represent a significant gain in terms of biocompatibility and improved electrical performance, resulting in reduced scarring and inflammation, improved biomechanical integration, and extended battery life, among others.

Funded by Allied Minds of Quincy. MA.


Biotectix’s technology is being developed by Dr. David Martin and Dr. Sarah Richardson-Burns as well as Jeffrey Hendricks from the University of Michigan.

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ANN ARBOR, Mich.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Allied Minds announced that it has closed an additional $3 million investment in Biotectix, LLC as of at the end of July. Biotectix intends to use this new capital to support ongoing expansion of internal research and external co-development activities while it prepares its novel conductive polymer technology for human use.

Massachusetts-based Allied Minds and Ann Arbor SPARK’s Pre-seed Investment Fund have invested about $1 million in furthering research for the three-person (Sarah Richardson-Burns, David Martin and Jeffrey Hendricks) company and its discovery.

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