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In 2002 Karl W. Grube, Ph.D.*** and other prominent Ann Arbor Freemasons founded the Bonisteel Masonic Library, a non-profit educational corporation housed in the Ann Arbor Masonic Temple at 2875 W. Liberty Road Ann Arbor Michigan USA. The one hundred year old assets of the Ann Arbor Masonic Temple Library were acquired to form the initial collections for the library.

Educational Masonic Programs

are designed to:

  • offer to Freemasons an internet educational site of high quality.
  • publish research of Masonic writers from all continents.
  • organize educational tours of significant Masonic architecture.

Bonisteel Masonic Library

is organized to:

  • acquire and maintain books, documents, artifacts and other forms of information related to Freemasonry.
  • make those materials and information available to the general public.
  • use those materials and information to develop educational programs related to Freemasonry.


is the official publication of Bonisteel Masonic Library and is published four times per year. The primary objective of Rising Point is to provide a wide access information of reviewed Masonic research publications. The publications of Rising Point are dedicated to Freemasonic information and education and is available in electronic vision as PDF file and you can download for free.