Broadway is confusing: it starts on the south end of the Broadway Bridges, in the tangle of Division Street, Beakes Street, Summit Street, and a few others. At the north end of the bridges, it curves left to become Plymouth Road - but also intersects with Plymouth at a right angle, before straightening out along its original line - if you stand on the Bridges looking north, you'll be looking straight up this continuation.

(Google Maps will make this clearer.)

We'll walk north from Division.

Broadway started a project for traffic calming in May 2000, and the project was completed after three years in September 2003.

Broadway, City of Ann Arbor Assessor

Continue straight for Plymouth, turn east to stay on Broadway.

Speed humps for posted speed limit of 25 mph.

  • 1504 to 1508 Broadway terrace apartments

Speed hump.

  • cedar bend park. I saw deer here.

Speed hump.

Yet another speed hump.

One more speed hump. Traffic calming has been used by a number of neighborhoods to make streets safer for pedestrians.

west side:

east side: