I'm putting together resources.

Okay, goals

There is way to much to cover... something that fits with ArborWiki needs to be chosen.

Info for/about:

  • students
  • staff
  • buildings
  • history
  • policies
  • people
  • services
  • organizations
  • living
  • classes

I'm leaning towards a focus on student-centric information -- that's personal bias there. It seems like an official UM department-centric project is the place for info specific to each documents (so -- not a collaborative workspace).

Where to put it

We could start a separate site and interwiki it. That might be good for working within the U... or we could get started now.

Does the U already have a portal? Or a wiki? I don't know... haven't found one, but the Chicago one wasn't very findable either.

State of the world right now

There are 113 pages in Category:University_of_Michigan, 33 of which are noted as stubs. This compares with 1,750,000 pages that Google returns for site:umich.edu. So we don't have too much.

As a completely practical matter, I'd love to see

  • a page for each department, school, and institute
  • a good page for each University president
  • a good page for each building on campus
  • a page for each of the historical collections at the Bentley
  • useful categories for faculty, students, staff, and alumni
  • reference information for student organizations
  • a page for each dorm, coop, fraternity, sorority, and big apartment house
  • a page for each piece of open coursework at open.michigan
  • an annotated version of the new student orientation, with corrections

Edward Vielmetti 01:02, 31 January 2010 (UTC)