Menu at: Phone #: (734)995-4040. Open: 10:30 AM - 4 AM.

The Burrito Joint is a carry-out and delivery Tex-Mex restaurant, sharing space at 1200 Packard with Toarmina's Pizza. Because of the co-operation of the brands, delivery or carry-out can combine food from Toarmina's and The Burrito Joint on the same tab, driver, and phone number. 

Spam Complaint

On July 22nd 2010, the restaurant emailed an advertisement using "Campaigner." Recipients were not persons who opted in to advertising nor (in some cases) had patronized the business previously. If you do not support establishments who spam, you should consider avoiding The Burrito Joint.



Reviewer: Anonymous
Review: The Burrito Joint offers inexpensive food with high quality ingredients. For instance, the restaurant receives their tortillas from local purveyors and only uses Basmati Rice, the most expensive of all rice varieties.

The Burrito Joint's emphasis on quality has quickly built a loyal customer base from its May 2006 founding, with delicious specialty burritos not offered anywhere else in Ann Arbor. For instance Jimmy's Burrito has half the rice and beans of a typical burrito but with double meat: choice sirloin steak mixed with chorizo, then topped with hot sauce, whole-aged jalapenos, and fresh chopped cilantro for a strong, delicious meaty flavor. The restaurant also has prided itself on its delivery operation, sharing space at 1200 Packard with Mr. Pizza, a premier pizza business in Ann Arbor. Delivery or carry-out can combine food from either Mr. Pizza or The Burrito Joint on the same tab, driver, and phone number.

Not to be missed, the food here is truly outstanding.
Grade: A (about reviews)

Reviewer: John
Review: I recently (Sept. 2007) had a veggie burrito there. I didn't order it, but I assume it was the #4 (Veggie Fajita). It was decent but short of the fawning review above. I thought it was slightly bland, although I appreciated the cilantro. I wouldn't have added this review except for the over-the-top review above, which I thought needed to be countered.
Grade: B/B- (about reviews)