What city has a five-and-dime, a hardware store, a bike shop, and many unique, independent, and locally- owned stores, all conveniently located near downtown?

You got it - Ypsilanti!

Let's keep it that way!

In December 2006, Ypsilanti celebrated "Buy Local Week", with Ypsilanti Mayor Paul Schreiber leading a pledge to do all holiday shopping at local, independent stores. A "Holiday Shopping Guide" trifold was distributed with a directory of local businesses; this page is intended as the online version of that guide.


Please add to this page; businesses listed should be located in the downtown Ypsilanti or Depot Town areas and locally owned.

Antique / Vintage Stores



Bed & Breakfasts



Candy, Novelties, and Toys

Clothing, Jewelry, and Shoes


Gifts and Home Goods

(including places that have promotional t-shirts, logo-ed merchandise, gift certificates, et al)


The Arts, Music, Theater and Instruments

Personal Care/Fitness