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CTN - Where Ann Arbor's On TV!

Studios at 2805 S. Industrial.

Learn how to produce your own TV program for telecast on Community Television Network. CTN operates Cable Channels 16 (Government Meetings), 17 (Public Access), 18 (Education), & 19 (CitiTV) for the City of Ann Arbor, MI on Comcast Cable. CTN's community media resources, including TV production classes, are free to Ann Arbor residents and Ann Arbor non-profit organizations.

Got something to say right now? Schedule an appearance on  Soapbox, where you have 5 minutes to promote a non-profit event or state an opinion. Or, host a half-hour talk show with your own guests and topic by signing-up for an Access Ann Arbor timeslot.

Find out more by visiting CTN's website at: http://www.a2gov.org/ctn or calling 734.769.7422.

Call 734.769.7422 to sign-up for the next Preview Session, the first step to producing your own show.

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Budget and Staff

Funded mostly by franchise fees. 1,482,887.00 requested for Fiscal Year 2009.

In the 2009 budget, city staff allocated were:

  • 1 full time manager
  • 3FTE producers
  • 2FTE programmers
  • 1 FTE training and facility coordinator