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Address: 42 E. Cross Street, Ypsilanti
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Owner: Jim Karnopp

Cafe Luwak was located in Depot Town a block west of The Sidetrack Bar; it is now closed. [1] New owners will launch Cafe Ollie in the space [2].

How it was

Cafe Luwak is best known for its high end grilled deli sandwiches, but they also have ice cream, coffee/espresso drinks, and catering services. The location has had a long history in Depot Town. Originally the space held Millers Ice Cream which went on to become Tuckers Cafe then Schramm's Deli. Jim Karnopp took over the restaurant in February 2005 and renamed it Cafe Luwak. Karnopp can be found participating in discussion of Ypsilanti on Ypsi-Dixit and other local websites, and his son is frequently seen delivering sandwiches by bike to the Corner Brewery, or helping behind the counter. Cafe Luwak features exhibits by local artists and occasional acoustic music.

The Luwak is a weasel-like Sumatran critter whose digestive tract plays a key role in preparing the most expensive coffee beans in the world - which (thankfully?) are not served at Cafe Luwak. The cafe's beans come from a roaster in Plymouth.

They have their menu and more information about the restaurant on their website at Cafe Luwak Website and blog.