Canton is a suburb of Detroit, in the far western part of Wayne County.

Reach it from Ann Arbor via I-94 or M-14 to I-275, or go through the countryside on the paved Ford Road or the gravel Cherry Hill Road.

You might be going there to get to Ikea, but you certainly aren't going for the ambiance. Or the stimulating conversation. It does have a few good restaurants, though, including the Hunan Empire, just West of Ikea on Ford Rd, and Izakaya Sanpei at Joy Road at Morton Taylor Road.

The township has over 90,000 residents, making it larger than the capital of North Dakota. It is also the home of the Plymouth Canton Educational Park, where students simultaneously attend classes at three high schools, with separate homecomings and sports teams and a single prom. And it manages the weird trick of being largely Republican and diversity-friendly.

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