The main part of the University of Michigan's Ann Arbor campus, in central Ann Arbor. Central Campus includes the original 1840s campus, the area known as The Diag, bounded by State Street and North, East, and South University Avenues, although only one building remains from that period (the President's House, on South University just east of State). Today Central Campus has expanded in almost every direction from that space---its boundaries now stretch to Huron Street in the north, Washtenaw Avenue or Observatory and Church Street in the east, Hill Street in the south, and Thompson Street in the west.

Central Campus is home to most colleges of the University, except for the fine arts and engineering schools, which are on North Campus, and the medical and nursing schools, which are on the nearby Medical Campus. Most athletic facilities, including both training and game facilities, are on the South or Athletic Campus, though the Kinesiology department and a gym remain on Central. Most administrative offices of the University are also on Central Campus, except for Payroll and business offices, which are in Wolverine Tower, near Briarwood Mall.

Many AATA routes serve some part of Central Campus, in addition to the routes run by the University's own bus service. Most routes either serve North University Avenue and count the Exhibit Museum and C C Little Building as a major timepoint (1U, 2, 12UL, 12UM), or serve State Street and take the Michigan Union and Art Museum as the major timepoint (6, 36). Route 5 runs down Thompson Street.

There are nearly five dozen buildings on Central Campus, ranging from academic to administrative to residential. A few of the most important or most notable: