Residential Fences in Ann Arbor

City Code Chapter 104 regulates the placement and type of fences that are permitted on private property. As of the 20th of December the interpretation below was the strictest (ie you may be able to build a higher fence closer to the road - check the Ann Arbor rules to see if you qualify).

On any given property There are three "zones" for fences:' - Front open space: 25 to 40 feet from the street or sidewalk: fences can be less than 30 inches (maybe more in your specific case, but never over 4 feet) and must be less than 50% opaque (e.g. chain link, wrought iron or picket fencing). - Middle space: 25 feet from the front open space: fences are limited to 6 feet high and 80% opacity (e.g. board-on-board fencing). - Rear Yard: everything that isn't front or middle space: fences are limited to 8 feet high and can be opaque. (e.g. a stockade fence). You'll need a building permit for fences over 6 feet in height.

More details are available in a free .PDF download from the Ann Arbor Planning and Development Department.

Timeline: Chapter 104 (Fences)

November 20, 2015. Should Ann Arbor allow electric fences to keep deer out of gardens?  Ann Arbor News. "With that in mind, City Council Member Chuck Warpehoski, D-5th Ward, said this week he's considering bringing forward ordinance changes to ease fence restrictions in the city, possibly allowing electric fencing around gardens, as well as the use of high-tension wire to increase the height of backyard fences to 10 feet."